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Georgia Evans principal Broker

I have been a licensed FULL TIME Realtor since 1987. I have built and/or sold nearly 5,000 homes. I have owned 4 Real Estate Brokerages. This by far is my favorite. I previously owned a well known franchise brokerage and quickly realized I could provide a whole lot more value to my clients by spending that wasted money on my clients. CLICK MY PHOTO to see my Resume.

Videos - Are Sent to You

I will be sending you short little videos as we get to each step to keep you prepared, informed, relieve stress, and you can watch in your own time at your convenience.

When Listing Your Home, Services I Offer

I Have Systems in Place from Beginning to End

  • Updates as Needed
  • Professional Photos
  • Web Page Featuring Only Your Home
  • Property Flyer
  • Reminder Marketing every Thursday to 4,000 Realtors
  • Pre-Listing Package
  • Checklists for Seller
  • Neighborhood Postcards

  • Listing is sent to over 400 Websites Nationwide
  • QR Code
  • E-Signature Program – (Read all of your documents without pressure)
  • Professional Lockbox – No combo locks
  • Paid Social Media Advertising
  • Videos sent to your phone and email to explain the process as we go along

       As Needed

    • Pre-inspection
    • Floor Plan Drawing
    • Walk Through Video
    • Drone Video
    • Professional Measurements
    • Mobile Notary for Out of State Clients

What are you waiting for?

I’m Qualified, Willing and READY – Let’s Get Your Home Listed!

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