Realtor Testimonials

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"Want an involved Broker that is available, conducts training, gives personal advice, cares about agents as individuals, and celebrates their accomplishments? Move your license to Georgia Evans Realty. Don’t get lost in a crowd. You will thank yourself later."  -  Jeff Thomas

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If you are ready to learn and go beyond your comfort zone, Georgia Evans Realty is the place to be.  - Kaysone Phongsouvanh


Georgia Evans Realty, LLC is a wonderful place to work. Georgia has an open door policy and is always willing to talk with you and help in any way she can. It is a secret gem in the Middle TN market and more people need to know what a wonderful company it is!  - Charles Bales

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If your tired of feeling like your broker is more of a competitor and not your mentor, then it's time for a change. Georgia Evans Realty is a place for agents to learn and grow with the company. To be able to get advice when needed, and get goodies from Georgia to better your business. Georgia is a huge tech person, she goes above and beyond to create websites, flyers, etc for us agents. She is constantly searching for different tools to send to us. Georgia teaches you to become independent when most brokers want you to be dependent on them. - Ashley McKenna


I was nervous about leaving a larger company and moving my license to a smaller company but I couldn't be more happy. Georgia Evans has years of experience and has pushed me out of my comfort zone to try new things to market myself. She is constantly researching better ways to be a success in this business and passes that information on to us agents. As well as having a very hands on broker the agents in this office help each other to succeed. The other agents and myself share ideas with each other and which ones work and which ones haven't. So if you are looking for a office to be a part of and not just a number on a board check out Georgia Evans Realty. - Melinda Lawson


Real Estate can be such a life changing career and with a Broker who is there to push and teach and guide you to succeed is a amazing thing to have. You will not have this everywhere. I can say I have a Broker/ Mentor/Friend that wants nothing more than to see her people succeed. Everyone at this office is amazing too! You can pick up the phone and call any one of us and we are there to help! Everyone at the office cheers for everyone! It's not about who can out do who! There is enough business out there for all of us and we all push each other to do well!  My life has changed this year and I owe it all to the leap I took in February! - Marion Creson

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I like working for Georgia because when she says she has an open door policy it isn't lip service. Her desire to personally help her agents is unmatched, therefore it breeds a culture & environment that you just won't find anywhere else. I like a smaller firm of producing agents /vs/ a large firm with agents wondering aimlessly. If you're serious about Real Estate you won't find a better match. Join our team today!!!!   -  Eric Bates


Can I say I just luuuuuuuvvvvvvv her and get all mushy and make everybody cry? lol  With over thirty years experience, you won't find another female broker that is dominating the industry. Georgia is a great educator with training sessions and one on one mentoring and goal setting, and always there for you. - Tracey Parson


We also have a back end website that has tons of information, forms, checklists, videos, and anything we could think of that would help you.

We have a private group on Facebook where you can interact with other agents from our office.

A Message From Georgia

​The number one question I get asked all of the time is, "Do you provide training"?  My answer is always, yes and no.  I work with people who work.  Showing up at an office does not mean you are working, and being away from the office does not mean you are not working. If you are participating and trying, of course I will help you.  I will help anyone who is "active" and needs to learn skills and systems. It has been my experience after working 30 years with Realtors, there are agents who treat it like a business and agents who use this business to have a social life. If you just want to hang out, there are all kinds of franchises that will let you pay them dues and fees to use their name. That is not my business model. I work with Realtors who treat it like a business. I work with Realtors who are constantly striving to improve to better serve the community and their clients.

I meet agents everyday who are paying a lot of commission money to franchises and brokerages they don't have to pay, all in the name of Branding and Training. After you have done this a while you come to understand what that really means, and how much money you are giving away on every single closing!  I work with Realtors who just need a little support and help from time to time. I will show you how to do certain things to make your job smoother, but your success or failure is ultimately a decision you alone must make.

I provide an in house training program with 27 modules of FREE training for every agent who wants to take advantage of it. Our office calendar will show you what is coming up so you will always know what is being taught well in advance.