Our Core Values

Office Realtor

Education – We believe that all Realtors must be trained, educated and continuously use what they learn to better serve their clients. We believe that learning is a continuous process and that we will never be in a place where we know it all.

Giving back – We believe, “ To Whom Much is Given, much is Required”. We believe in giving back. We do this by helping others. We give of our time to new agents helping them adjust and grow in their new profession. We give our money by supporting St. Jude Children’s Hospital in Memphis, TN for children with cancer. We give our service through our local churches and events.

Accountability – We believe that being accountable may be the single biggest predictor of success in most areas of life. We are accountable to each other, the process, and of course our clients. We don’t leave our clients hanging wondering what is going on. We effectively communicate what we are doing, what comes next, and any bumps in the road we need to look out for.

Commitment – We are all committed to this business, this process, this way of life. We are constantly engaged with others in our profession, with those in the community and our clients. We make it our business to know your business in buying or selling to better serve you throughout your home journey. We are committed to our clients in finding them homes, selling their homes, and our builders who continually trust us with their business.

Honesty – Last but certainly not least. We believe in 100% full disclosure on everything. We will tell you exactly what we know, both good and bad. If there is an appraisal issue or home inspection negotiation issue, we don’t drag things out. We believe in “Eat that Frog”. We handle our tough things first. We will be completely honest with you throughout the entire process.