What Do Our Realtors Say?

When you want to know about somebody, you don't ask that person. You ask those around them.  Here you go...

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We're in the Cloud

We have all the tools you need in one place where you can work from any location, on any device. From forms to checklists, we have you covered.

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Our Meat & Potatos

Our company is very simple.  We try to keep everything as streamlined as possible, including our business model.

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We work with trained Realtors who have an established business. We accept Realtors who already know what they are doing, but may just need a little support and help from time to time. We leave you alone and let you work, or we are always right where you can find us. We don't require that you attend meetings, dinners, banquets, award shows or listen to countless vendors promoting their products. We let you work the way you need to.

From Georgia.....

Thank you for taking your time on our page. I have been licensed in real estate since 1987. I have spent most of my career in the building side of real estate and new home sales. I have always liked having a small to medium sized brokerage (about 25 - 30 Realtors) where I can spend time if wanted, with each Realtor. When you start getting too big, Realtors become a number. That is not what I want in my company.

I am looking for Realtors who want that personal "feel" but don't need to be monitored constantly. I am looking for the Realtor who has experience, who knows what they are doing and who, after having their license for a while, has come to understand, "it's not about building a franchise name". It's about the Realtor as a person, their relationships and skill sets. I am looking for Realtors who are more interested in owning their own business rather than being an employee.

I realize my brokerage is not for everyone, some Realtors are more interested in hanging out and socializing, and that may work for them.  I believe in having a career and helping people.  You don't have to be doing a massive number of sales.  You just need to pretty much know what you are doing. If you are the person who treats this like a business, or who is a go getter and looking for a change, just give me a call and we can see if we would be a good fit.


We all reach that place sometime when we know we need to do something to either make more money or learn more skills. If this sounds like where you are, just give Georgia a call.