Kaysone Phongsouvanh

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What is Your Favorite Quote?

“Be honest, be real, be different and most important of all, be yourself” Anonymous

If you had to watch the Same 3 Movies forever, which would you choose?

None, I can only watch the same movie 3 times max maybe.. don’t really have a favorite at the moment. But I do love any Christmas movies and historical time based movies.

What is the most Random Fact You Know?

The inventor of frisbee was turned into a frisbee after he died.

What is Your Favorite Thing About Smyrna?

The Nissan Plant for bringing diversities to Middle TN.

Kaysone Phongsouvanh immigrated to Murfreesboro, TN from Laos in 1986. She studied biology and pre allied health at Middle Tennessee State University and proceeded to work in a fast paced, super charged customer service oriented of retail pharmacy chains for 15 years. She loved talking to customers and clients while getting their issues resolve whether they were waiting in the store or coming back for their products. She loves being multi lingual and loves to learn about different cultures and customs.

Kaysone and her husband started to flip houses and manage their own rental property in 2011 while raising 2 kids. With encouragement from her husband and families, Kaysone went to Real Estate School and got her license in 2014. In her free time, Kaysone loves to spend time with her family and friends, go camping, canoeing with her husband and kids. She volunteers at many local charities in her community like Greenhouse Ministries, Food Bank-Rutherford County, Habitat For Humanity and more. She loves to be a great resources for new residents of the Murfreesboro and surrounding areas. Greatful for experiencing the many changes in the Middle Tennessee Area, Kaysone makes sure that new residents are welcomed in a way that has become customary in Murfreesboro and Middle Tennessee Areas.

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